1832 Guardianship of William and Mary Ann Evertt

The guardianship below reminds us of two things when looking at probate records.

  1. Children did not have to be orphans for a guardian to be appointed for them.
  2. Probate records can tell us important details about the lives of our ancestors.

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November 1832 Term of the Switzerland County, Indiana Circuit Court

Now here comes William Evertt and makes report to this Court that he will be seventeen years of age on the 27th day of May 1833. That his father William Evertt left this county not to return as he believes leaving the said William entirely destitute of the means of support, and to the mercy of the world &c and prays the Court to appoint James Froman guardian of his person and Estate until he shall arrive at the age of 21 years on said Fromans giving bond according to law Whereupon the said James Froman is by the Court appointed guardian of the person & Estate of the said William Evertt according to the prair [prayer] of the petitioner on his entering into bond with security to be approved by the Clerk in the Sum of Fifty dollars conditioned as the law directs within fifteen days after the rising of this Court.

Now here Comes David Fallis and files his petition praying to be appointed guardian of the person and estate of Mary Ann Evertt until she shall arrive at full age she being abandoned by her parents and left without means of support. She will be fourteen years of age shortly. Thereupon the said Mary Ann comes and consents to said Appointment. And the Court now appoints the said David Fallis guardian of the said Mary Ann until she arrives at the age of eighteen years according to this prayer Then he entering into bond in the sum of fifty Dollars with Security to be approved by the Clerk of this Court within fifteen days after the rising of this Court conditioned as the law directs.