BLM Tract Books for Indiana’s Gore

Once you have located your ancestor’s land patent and identified what land they owned, you can learn more about their land transaction with the Bureau of Land Management Tract Books.

Land offices tracked sales using tract books. These books recorded name of the purchaser, the land description, the price of the land, and the date sold. When the land was sold on credit, each transaction was recorded with date and price paid.

Images of the BLM tract books are available for free on FamilySearch. They are not indexed.

To find the tract books for the Indiana’s Gore: Click “Browse through images,” then select “Ohio.” Lands in the Gore are found in Volumes 11 through 16.

Records are arranged by Range, then Township, then Section. Additional Volumes 11-16 contain entries that did not fit and are referenced at the bottom of the section’s entry in the original volume. The following table describes what sections each book covers:

Volume Start End
11 (starting page 3114) Township 1 Range 1 Township 3, Range 1, Section 7
12 Township 3, Range 1, Section 8 Township 9, Range 1, Section 33
13 Township 9, Range 1, Section 33 Township 15, Range 1, Section 36
14 Township 16 Range 1, Section 1 Township 6, Range 2, Section 4
15 Township 6, Range 2, Section 5 Township 13, Range 2, Section 12
16 Township 13, Range 2, Section 13 Township 3, Range 4, Section 36

A more detailed finding aid is available at the Indiana’s Gore website.


The tract books for the Gore have been indexed in the following volumes:

  • Mikesell, Shirley Keller. Early Settlers of Indiana’s “Gore,” 1803-1820. Bowie, Maryland : Heritage Books, 1995.
  • Waters, Margaret R. Indiana Land Entries. 2 volumes. Indianapolis : No publisher, 1948. Online at HathiTrust.