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Dearborn County, Indiana Probate Order Books Abstracts Now Available

I’m excited to announce the release of three new books to help researchers find their ancestors in Indiana’s Gore.

Dearborn County, Indiana Probate Order Books Abstracts, 1826-1837 includes Books 1 and 2, as well as estates that were re-recorded after the March 1826 courthouse fire in Deed Book CC. Paperback | Ebook

Dearborn County, Indiana Probate Order Books Abstracts, 1837-1844 includes Books 3 and 4. Paperback | Ebook

Dearborn County, Indiana Probate Order Books Abstracts, 1844-1849 includes Books 5 and 6. Paperback | Ebook

The Probate Order Books contain the daily actions of the Probate Court. Actions include letters of administration (no will) or testamentary (will found), administrator and executor’s bonds, guardianships for minor heirs, partitions of land, estate sales, widow’s dowers, disputes between heirs, lawsuits brought by creditors, and more.

The Probate Order Books have been digitized by The Dearborn County Probate Records Finding Aid will help you locate the records.

Although the records are online, they have been minimally indexed by Ancestry. The new abstract books include all the estate actions and names, excluding lawyers and court officials.

Two indexes have also been updated to include information from the probate order books:

The 3 new books join a growing number of books on Indiana’s Gore.

The Family History of Robert Bovard (1783-1854)

I have just published my first family history book.  The Family History of Robert Bovard (1783-1854) tells the story of Robert Bovard and 4 generations of descendants.

Robert Bovard was born in County Donegal, Ireland. He immigrated to the United States and married Margaret McGarvey. They lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Hamilton County, Ohio; Dearborn County, Ohio County, and Switzerland County, Indiana.

The book also contains an appendix about the McGarvey family and an additional appendix about the Bovards of Ripley County, Indiana. Citations are provided for all facts throughout the book.

The hardcover book is available to purchase from Lulu for $39.99.

Please email me at with any questions you have about the book.