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Lectures at FGS 2017

The 2017 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference is August 30 to September 2 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The conference is a great way to take you genealogy skills to the next level with a wide variety of topics and speakers.

I will be giving 2 lectures on “Society Day” on August 30:

  • 11:00 AM – Creating Quality Databases for Your Society Website – Discover ideas for online databases for your society’s members and tips and tricks for creating them.
  • 3:30 PM – Creating a County Record Guide – Put your society’s knowledge into a printed or online guide to help members and nonmembers find records in your area.

These lectures are based on the tips and tricks that I have learned while building my Indiana’s Gore website. That site provides research guides for the region of southeastern Indiana known as the “Gore” and databases for records for Dearborn, Ohio, and Switzerland Counties in Indiana.

Register by July 1st to save $40.

Lecture at the Allen County Public Library

I will be presenting “Exciting Ways to Share Your Genealogy” at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana on April 23, 2017 at 1:00 PM. The presentation is part of their Preservation Week series.

Join me to discuss various ways to get your family engaged in learning about their family history without boring them. From books to DNA to crafts to blogs to television shows, you’ll come away with new ideas to peek every family member’s interest.

Indiana Genealogical Society 2017 Conference

The Indiana Genealogical Society will be holding their 2017 Conference will be at the Indianapolis Public Library (40 E. St. Clair St.) on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Tony Burroughs is the featured speaker.

I will be presenting Locating Your Family in County Commissioners’ Records at 9:45 AM. We will be exploring the history of the county commissioners, what types of information is available in the records, and where to locate the records. County commissioners’ records became one of my favorites after I abstracted the Dearborn County, Indiana records.

Registration for the conference is now open. I hope to see you there.

Ohio Genealogical Society 2017 Conference

The Ohio Genealogical Society is holding their 2017 Conference at the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center in Sandusky,Ohio on April 26-29, 2017. I will be giving 3 lectures at the conference and I would love to see you there.

My presentations are:

  • Self-Publishing Your Family History – Get your family history on the coffee table or library shelf by publishing it yourself.
  • Tracking Your Spinning Ancestors without Getting Dizzy – Discover tips and tricks for locating ancestors who liked to move around an area or liked to have the map move under them.
  • No More Eye Rolls: Make Your Family History Exciting – Ready to get your family excited about their family history? Explore engaging ways to share your genealogy with non-genealogists.

Registration for the conference is now open.