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Arthur Barkshire and Elizabeth Keith/Kuth Indiana Supreme Court court case – 1856

Arthur Barkshire and Elizabeth Keith were married on 18 June 1854 in Ohio County, Indiana. Elizabeth lived in the state of Ohio before their marriage and Arthur moved his new bride to Ohio County, Indiana. Unfortunately, the 1851 Indiana Constitution stated that “No negro or mulatto shall come into or settle in the State, after the adoption of this Constitution.” Arthur and Elizabeth were free blacks in 1854 and Elizabeth’s move to Indiana was therefore illegal. Arthur was found guilty for “encouraging Negro to remain in the State of Indiana” in the Ohio County Common Pleas Court and fined $10. He appealed to the Indiana Supreme Court saying that because of their marriage Elizabeth should be able to legally move to Indiana as his wife. Unfortunately the Supreme Court disagreed, says that since all contracts made with black who illegally entered the state shall be void, that their marriage contract was also void. The transcript from the Supreme Court as found in the Common Pleas Court records is below.

Ohio County, Indiana Marriage Record Volume 1, p. 170; FHL digital film 4455441.
Ohio County, Indiana, Common Pleas Court, Order Book 1, p. 271-274

Indiana vs. Arthur Barkshire} information for encouraging Negro to remain in the State of Indiana

Come the parties and the following opinion of the Supreme Court of the State of Indiana in the above entitled case was received and ordered to be entered of Record in this court viz

State of Indiana, Supreme Court} May Term 1856
Monday May the twenty sixth 1856
Present: The Hon. William Z. Stuart, Ch[ief] J[udge], Samuel B. Gookins, Samuel E. Perkins, Andrew Davison} Judges

Arthur Barkshire vs. The State of Indiana} Appeal from the Ohio Common Pleas

Now at this time come the Parties by this attornies and the court being now sufficiently advised of and concerning the premises give the following opinion and Judgment pronounced by Judge Stuart.

This was a proceeding by Complaint against Barkshire for bringing a negro woman into this state in June 1854, and harboring her here in contravention of the Constitution and laws of Indiana. Trial by the court finding guilty and fine ten dollars. Barkshire appeals. The facts agreed upon by the parties are briefly these. That Arthur Barkshire the defendant is a man of color, that he has resided in Rising Sun Indiana for the last ten years, that since the adoption of the Constitution on the first of November 1851 said Arthur married a colored woman by the name of Elizabeth Kuth, who now resides with him as wife in Ohio County Indiana, that the marriage was solemnized in this State, that Elizabeth moved to the State of Indiana during the Summer of 1854 from the State of Ohio where she had long resided, that Elizabeth is a negro or mulatto, and that the defendant lived with and harbored her as his wife in Rising Sun, before and at the time of information filed.

The only question presented by the Record is, does this evidence warrant the conviction.

The 13th art[icle] of the Constitution provides that upon the adoption of that instrument in November 1851, no Negro or Mulatto shall come into or settle in the state, that all contracts made with those coming in contrary to such prohibition shall be void, that to employ or encourage such Negro to remain in the State shall be punished by fine, that all such fines shall be appropriated to Colonization, and the General Assembly shall pass laws to carry the provisions of the article into effect. I. R. S. 67.

Accordingly the General Assembly passed an act to enforce the 13th article of the Constitution Section 7th of that enactment reads “Any person who shall employ a Negro or Mulatto who shall have come into the State of Indiana subsequent to the 31st of October 1851 or shall encourage such Negro or Mulatto to remain in the state shall be fined in any sum not less than $10 nor more than $500.” I. R. S. 375.

At the same Session another act was passed to provide for the Colonization of Negros, Mulattos &c who were residents of this state on the 1st day of November 1851, and appropriating $5000 for that purpose. I. R. S. 222.

The policy of the State is thus clearly evolved. It is to exclude any further ingress of Negros and to remove those already among us as speedily as possible. The 13th art[icle] of the Constitution inaugurating this Policy was separately submitted to a vote of the people under the title “of exclusion and colonization of Negros.” It is matter of history how emphatically it was approved by the popular voice.

The marriage solemnized in Ohio County is urges as an exception, taking the case out of the Statute, but such an exception cannot be admitted; both because no such exception is Recognized either in the Constitution or in the law enacted to give it effect. And because the marriage itself, solemnized in contravention of both must be regarded as void. Marriage in this State is but a Civil Contract. As such it is clearly embraced in the Constitutional provision copied into the subsequent Law which declares all contracts made with Negros and Mulattos coming into the State contrary to the provisions of the 13th Art[icle] void. The consequences are not a legitimate consideration for the Courts. A Constitutional Policy so decisively adopted and so clearly conducive to the separate and ultimate good of both races should be rigidly enforced. So that Barkshire can claim nothing from the supposed relation of husband and wife. To give that relation any consideration favorable to him would be to countenance an infraction of the fundamental law. Barkshire can therefore be regarded only as any other person would be who encouraged the negro woman Elizabeth to remain in the State. It may not be improper to observe, though not before the court in this case, that Elizabeth herself seems to be liable under the 9th Sect of the Act to the same penalties for coming into the State or settling here.

It is therefore considered by the court that the Judgment of the court below be in all things affirmed at the costs of the appellant. All which is ordered to be certified to said Court.

State of Indiana SS.
I, William B. Beach clerk of the Supreme Court of said State certify that the foregoing is a full, true, and complete copy of the opinion and Judgment of said court in the above entitled cause.

In testimony whereof I hereto subscribe my name and affix the seal of said court at the city of Indianapolis this twenty fifth day of July AD 1856.

Wm. B. Beach C. S. C. per Joseph S. Kentzel dep[uty]

Will and Dolly vs. James Jones Jr. – 1816 court case – Switzerland County, Indiana

In 1815, Will and his wife, Dolly, brought suit against James Jones Jr. for trespass, assault and battery in the Franklin County, Indiana, Circuit Court. A change of venue was issued and the case was tried in Switzerland County. Below is a transcript of the complete record of the case.

James Jones Jr. purchased the services of Dolly, a slave, and Will, her husband, from Joshua Brown for $1000 on 23 April 1808. On May 1808, James Jones Sr., the father of James Jones Jr., took Dolly to Dearborn County, Indiana Territory. There Dolly, aged 23 years, was bound as an apprentice or servant to James Jones Sr. for 17 years. In December 1814, the apprenticeship was transferred to James Jones Jr.

Will and Dolly alleged on 1 January 1815 that James John Jr. beat, wounded, bruised, evilly treated, and imprisoned Dolly. They sued for damages of $2000. James Jr. asserted that he took, restrained, exercised control over, and assaulted Dolly only as he lawfully could under the apprenticeship. On 8 October 1816, the case was dismissed and Jones was ordered to pay the costs Will and Dolly incurred in bringing the suit.


Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court Complete Record Book 1816-1818, p. 68-73, Will vs. James Jones Jr., October 1816; FHL digital film 7834321.

Will alias William & Dolly his wife persons of colour vs. James Jones Junior} Pleas in the Switzerland Circuit Court held at Vevay in and for the county of Switzerland, before the Honorable Jesse H. Holman President and Circuit Judge and William Cotton and James McClure, Esquires Associate Judges of said Court of the Term of October in the  year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and Sixteen,
John Francis Dufour, Clerk.

Switzerland County SS: Be it remembered, that heretofore, towit previous to the March Term of this Court in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and sixteen, the following papers were transmitted to and received at the Clerks office of this said Court, on a [change] of venue from the Franklin Circuit Court in and for the County of Franklin and the Indiana Territory—towit,

Indiana Territory, Switzerland County} The United State, to the Sheriff of said County: Greeting:

You are hereby commanded to taken into your custody the body of James Jones Junior, if he is to be found in your Bailwick and safely keep, so that you have his body before the Judges of our Franklin Circuit Court, at their Term to be holden at the Court house in and for the County of Franklin, on the 2nd Monday in March next, to answer unto Will a man of colour and Dolly his wife a woman of colour in a plea of trespass Assault and Battery & false imprisonment damage two thousand Dollars, and have then there this writ

Witness John R. Beatty, Clerk of said Court this 7th day of February in the year of our Lord, 1815.
[signed] John R. Beaty C. F. C. C. [Clerk, Franklin County Circuit Court]

Indiana Territory, Franklin County} Sct. I, Benjamin Smith one of the associate Judges of the Franklin Circuit Court, in and for the County of Franklin, Indiana Territory doth hereby order That Dolly a person of Colour shall be allowed to bring suit for her freedom in forma pauperis against James Jones Junior on the service of a cop of this order by the Sheriff of the county aforesaid, do give bond & security to the Sheriff by him to be approved, that he will not remove the said Slave Dolly without the Jurisdiction of this court, during the pendency of this suit, under the penalty of one thousand Dollars and that he will suffer of said Dolly to attend to the preparation and trial of suit, and visit her counsel when necessary, or in case of failing to give such bond and security that the Sheriff do take the said Slave into his possession and hire her out for the best price and in the best manner, he can within this County; and that he reserve the said hire, subject to the order of the Circuit Court for Franklin County and I do further order, and direct the Clerk of the Court aforesaid, to issue a capias in the cause aforesaid, and a copy of this order to accompany the same immediately. And I do further assign to the said Dolly Amos Lane, John Test and James Noble Esquires as her counsel for the prosecution of the suit aforesaid.

The said Dolly upon making application to me did comply with the third section of the act entitled “an act providing a mean and help and speed poor persons in their suits.” February 7th 1815.

[signed] Benjn. Smith {Seal}

Memorandum endorsed on the aforesaid was as follows, to wit

This action is trespass Assault & Battery and false imprisonment and bail is required as per special order accompanying the wit—

[signed] Lane, Noble & Test atts for plff.

And afterwards, to wit, on the second Monday in March in the year aforesaid on the [?] day of the aforesaid writ came the Sheriff of Franklin County by his deputy and returned the aforesaid writ to the Judges of the Franklin Circuit Court as appears by the endorsement in the words following, to wit

Cepi Corpus Jonathan McCarty deputy Sheriff of F. C. I Jonathan McCarty that the within named defendant refused to give a bond and security as per special order of Judge Whiteworth herewith accompanying.

[signed] Jonathan McCarty, Depy Shff F. C.

Indiana Territory, Franklin County} SS. In the Circuit Court of Franklin County

Will alias William a man of colour and Dolly his wife a woman of colour complain of James Jones Junior in custody &c. of a plea of trespass assault and Battery and false imprisonment. For that whereas the said James on the first day of January in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen in the county aforesaid, and within the Jurisdiction of this Court with force and arms, in and upon the said Dolly wife of the said Will alias William then and there did beat, wound, bruise and evilly intreat and her the said Dolly wife of the said Will alias William there and there did imprison and confine for a long time, to wit, for the space of thirty days, so that her life was greatly dispained of and others wrongs to the said Dolly wife of the said Will alias William then and there did against the peace and dignity of the United States and this their Territory of Indiana and so the said Dolly wife of the said Will alias William say they are injured and have sustained Damages to the amount of two thousand dollars and therefore they bring suit &c.

[signed] Lane, Test & Noble, atts for Plffs

Pledges &c} John Doe, Rich Roe

And afterwards, to wit, at the November rules of this Switzerland Circuit Court, held at the clerks office in Vevay in said County of Switzerland before the Clerk of said Court on the first Monday in November in the year eighteen hundred and fifteen came the plaintiffs by their attornies and entered a rule for the defendant to appear and plead to their declaration on file in this cause on or before the next December rules, to be held at the clerks office aforesaid on the first Monday in December there next following or Judgement by default and the cause was continued &c.

And afterwards, towit, at the December rules of this court held at the clerks office in Vevay aforesaid, before Clerk of this Court on the first Monday in December in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and fifteen until which time this cause was continued, came the plaintiffs by their attornies and the defendants being solemnly called came not, and the clerk thereupon on motion of the plaintiffs by their attornies, entered the defendants default by Judgment for want of a plea to the declaration aforesaid, & the Cause was continued until the Term of this Court to be held at Vevay in and for the County of Switzerland on the twenty fifth day of March eighteen hundred and sixteen.

At which day, to wit, on the twenty sixth day of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen at the March Term of the Switzerland Circuit Court aforesaid held at Vevay aforesaid before the Judges thereof until which time this suit had been continued came the parties aforesaid by their attornies and with their assent the Judgment by default heretofore rendered in the Clerks office this Court in this Cause was set aside and the defendant thereupon by his attorney filed a plea of the general issue as also a plea of Justification—in the words and figures following, to wit-

And the said James Jones by his attorney comes and defends &c. when &c. and as to the force and arms &c. and whatever is against the peace and as to the bruising and wounding &c. in the said declaration mentioned the said James Jones says he is not guilty thereof and of this he puts himself upon the Country. J. Dill atty.

And for further and second plea in the behalf agreeably to the act of Assembly in such case made and provided as to the residue of the said supposed Trespass Assault & Battery false imprisonment &c. by the plaintiff aforesaid against the said James Jones alledged he says that the said plaintiff her action, aforesaid, out not to have or maintain because he says that the said Dolly wife of the said Will alias William at the time when the said supposed Trespass &c. Assault & false imprisonment is alledged to have been committed and long before, to wit, the 23rd day of April 1808 – one James Jones Junior the said defendant did for the sum of one thousand dollars purchase of one Joshua Brown to whom the said Dolly was then a Slave – the services and time of the said Dolly together with Bill alias Will her husband, as he lawfully might do And the said defendant saith that the said James Jones father of the defendant removed with the said Dolly to the County of Dearborn in the Indiana Territory on the fifteenth day of May 1808 – at which time towit on the said 15th day of May 1808 – at the County of Dearborn in the Indiana Territory the said Dolly wife of the said Will the plaintiff aforesaid for and in consideration that the aforesaid James Jones father of the said Defendant had paid laid out and expended, for the use of the said Dolly and her husband the aforesaid Bill alias William and their family the aforesaid sum of one thousand dollars she the said Dolly did of her own voluntary will, act and consent bind and place herself as an apprentice or servant to the James Jones Senr. for the space or term of seventeen years from the said 15th day of May 1808 agreeably to the provisions of a Law of the Indiana Territory passed and approved the 17th day of September 1807 before the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Dearborn County Indiana Territory as follows, towit, also Dolly a black woman aged near twenty three years agrees with her said Master James Jones to serve him seventeen years from the date 15th day of May 1808 before me Samuel C. Vance Clk. Com. Pleas – Which time of service of apprenticeship was on the [blank] day of December 1814 Transferred to the said Defendant by the said James Jones the said defendant’s Father and which said Term of service or apprenticeship of the said Dolly wife of the said William alias Will was on the 2nd day of February the day of the date of issuing the said writ of her the said Dolly and yet is unexpired and because the unexpired Term of Service of her the said Dolly was by the aforesaid James Jones defendant’s father transferred to the said Defendant. And was on the said second day of February 1815 and yet is unexpired he the said Defendant did take and restrain the said Dolly the plaintiff aforesaid as an apprentice, aforesaid, without that, that the said defendant in any other manner or way took, restrained or exercised, control over or assaulted the said Dolly as he the said Defendant lawfully might do, which is the same residue of the said supposed trespass, assault & Battery, wounding & false imprisonment aforesaid by the said plaintiff alledged & this he is read to verify wherefore he prays Judgment of the said plaintiff her action ought to have or maintain &c.

[signed] J. Dill, atty.

And afterwards, to wit, on the twenty seventh day of March in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixteen aforesaid, came the plaintiff into Court and had this suit placed at the foot of the Docket.

And afterwards, to wit on the twenty eighth day of March of the same mount & year aforesaid, before the Court came the parties aforesaid by their attornies and with their assent this cause is continued until the next Term of Court.

And afterwards, to wit, at the next Term of this Court held at Vevay in and for the County of Switzerland aforesaid before the Judges thereof, on the twenty fifth day of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen until which time this cause was continued, came the parties aforesaid by their attornies and with their assent this cause was continued until the next Term of this Court.

And afterwards This day to wit, on Monday the twenty eighth day of October of this same Term in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and sixteen before the Court aforesaid came the parities aforesaid by their attornies and by consent of both parties this cause is dismissed at the Defendants costs as per agreement now on the files of this Court. It is therefore considered by the Court that the plaintiffs aforesaid recover of James Jones Junior the defendant aforesaid their costs by them about this suit in this behalf expended and the said defendant in mercy &c.

Ohio County, Indiana Attorneys – 1849

Ohio County, Indiana Circuit Court Order Book 1, p. 551-2, fall 1849 vacation, attorney list; FHL digital film 8054258. Entries appear to be entered at a later date. “Dead” notes all in same pen and different from other entries and may have been added later.

State of Indiana, Ohio County Sct}
I, James H. Pepper, clerk of the Ohio Circuit Court hereby certify that the persons whose names are hereon written have respectively been regularly licensed and admitted to practice as attorneys and counsellors at Law within this State, and that they have duly taken the oath, to support the constitution of the United States and of this State, and that they will faithfully and honestly discharge the duties of an attorney and counsellor at Law.
Witness James H. Pepper cl’k

[Name] [Date admitted to bar] [status may have been added at a later date]
Danl Kelso Decr 30 1844 dead
James Brown dead
Theodore Gazlay Dec 3d 1844
Alexander C Downey Dec 3d 1844
James S Jelley Dec 3d 1844
Danl Major Dec 3d 1844 dead
P L Spooner Dec 3d 1844
George W Shaw June 2 1845
Abram W Hendricks June 2 1845
George S. Sheets June 2 1845 dead
John A Hendricks June 2 1845 dead
James D. Glass June 2 1845 dead
David Macy June 3 1845
J. R. Troxell June 3 1845
Abram Brower June 3 1845
James W Robinson 1843
G H Dunn Decr 2 1845 dead
Eben Dumont Decr 2 1845 dead
James C. Ricketts Decr 2 1845 alive
Noble Hamilton Decr 2 1845 dea[d]
John Dumont Decr 2 1845 dead
Daniel D. Pratt Decr 2 1845 dead
Isaac Miles June 1st 1846 dead
Isaiah W. Robinson June 1, 1846 dead
John B Vail June 5, 1846
Charles T. Jones June 6, 1846
Saml Dibble Dec 2 1846 dead
Sidney Baldwin March 15th 1847 dead
John W. Spencer Nov. 30th 1846 dead
Joseph G Marshall Mar. 24, 1847 dead
W. M. Dunn Mar. 24, 1847 dead
James A. Works Feb 14 1848
Henry A Downey Feb 15 1849
Robert N. Lamb Feb. 11 1850
Scott Carter Feb. 11 1850
John G. McCollum Feb. 11 1850
John J. Hayden Feb. 11 1850
Samuel F. Covington Feb. 11 1850
Algernon S. Sullivan Aug. 20″ 1850
Robt. P. Moore [crossed out] Oct 21 1850 dead

1821 Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana Election

The following information was gathered from:
Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court Complete Records, 1821-1827, p. 1-5.

On 3 September 1821, men who had resided in the Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana for at least 6 months and had a trade or occupation gathered to decide whether or not to incorporate the town. The following men unanimously voted for incorporation:

  • James Welsh
  • Daniel Dufour
  • Frederick Waldon
  • Laurence Nihell
  • William C. Keen
  • John Gilliland
  • Rawleigh Day
  • Ira Mendenhall
  • Edward Patten
  • Joseph S. Welsh
  • William C. Thornton
  • A. J. Johnon
  • Jno. Mendenhall
  • Harvey Fairbanks
  • S. C. Stevens
  • J. Hamilton
  • C. Henderson
  • John Douglass
  • Abijah Clark
  • John Fox
  • Richard F. Goddard
  • E. J. Herrall
  • Garret Perkins
  • James Rague
  • Sam Merrell
  • Joseph Malin
  • A. Gilbert
  • W. B. Patten
  • Thos. Armstrong
  • Lucien Gex

On 10 September 1821, the following voters elected 5 town trustees:


  • Thomas Armstrong
  • William Bradly
  • Charles Henderson
  • J. T. M. Whaly
  • Rawleigh Day
  • John Fox
  • Otis Waldow
  • Chaning Madison
  • James Rague
  • Richard T. Goddard
  • Eward Patten
  • Andrew J. Johnson
  • James Welsh
  • Amos Gilbert
  • A. B. Dumont
  • John Douglass
  • E. J. Acriales
  • George G. Knox
  • Israel R. Whitehead
  • Joseph S. Welsh
  • Lawrence Nihelle
  • John Mendenhall
  • John Wilson
  • Jeremiah Sheldon
  • John Riddle
  • Jonas Baldwin
  • William Stevenson
  • Edward Warthen
  • Joseph Malin
  • John Gilliland

The votes were:

  • S. C. Stevens, 29 votes
  • John Gilliland, 28 votes
  • Lawrence Nihell, 23 votes
  • Garrett Perkins, 22 votes
  • Joseph Malin, 16 votes
  • Thomas Armstrong, 11 votes
  • Israel R. Whitehead, 9 votes
  • Samuel Merrill, 2 votes
  • Chaning Madison, 1 vote
  • John Douglass, 1 vote
  • Joseph S. Welsh, 1 vote
  • William C. Keen, 3 votes
  • Rawleigh Day, 5 votes
  • Jonas Baldwin, 2 votes

S. C. Stevens, John Gilliland, Laurence Nihell, Garrett Perkins, and Joseph Malin were elected town trustees.

Joseph W. Talbotts 1889 Accounts – Rising Sun, Indiana

In 1887, Joseph W. Talbott owned a flour mill in Rising Sun, Indiana. By 1889, his circumstances changed. On 9 December 1889, his mill and elevator were consumed by fire and a large amount of wheat was damaged by the water used to put out the fire. He was later described as “in embarrassed and failing circumstances.” On 16 December 1889, Joseph assigned his real estate and personal property to Reuben R. James of Ohio County, Indiana “in trust for the benefit of his bona fide creditors.”

Details of Joseph’s insolvency appeared in the Ohio County, Indiana probate records. Additional details about how much was owed and how much was paid may be found by consulting the original records.

Ohio County, Indiana, Probate Complete Record Book 7, p. 448-590, Joseph W. Talbott, 1889-1891.

Ledger Balances of J. W. Talbott. Dec. 14th 1889.

Page 451

  • W. Kenedy
  • Huey Bros.
  • P. Dupraz
  • E. Geir, Carrolton, Ky.
  • Carn
  • Wallace Bond
  • M. Froman
  • S. Brightwell
  • C. & S. L. Benedict
  • H. Stevenson
  • H. Hart

Page 452

  • A. Aines
  • L. Grizard
  • Schrumpf & Told
  • T. Clark
  • H. VanHouten & Co.
  • T. Whitlock
  • W. Gary
  • McHatton & Blauton
  • Ed H Bloss
  • W. Lostutter
  • J. Schenck
  • S. Espey & Son
  • Benjamin H. Ryle
  • Bascom & Meyers
  • Omer Kirtly
  • Gaines & Birkshire
  • R. Seward & Co.
  • B. Bond
  • F. Caplinge
  • Corbin & Son
  • P. Craig
  • Edward Thomas
  • E. North
  • M. Cheek & Co.
  • E. Woeley
  • Henry Love
  • John White
  • R. Miller & Bro.
  • H. Bascom
  • D. Moor
  • S. Green
  • F. Smith
  • P. Truitt
  • S. Morelott
  • Thomas Mahoney
  • Geo Bradford
  • Houze
  • Clore
  • Lindsay
  • Jno P. Ryle


Page 453

  • C. Calkin
  • P. Ulrey
  • S. Wilber
  • Hemphill
  • B. Gibson
  • J. Waldo
  • Heyn & Bro.
  • Stephen Seward
  • Dugle
  • P. Brown
  • Frank J. Molique
  • W. Jones
  • H. Stewart
  • H. Elliott
  • H. Scranton
  • W. Bush
  • Barricklow
  • Duly
  • G. McConnell
  • Matt Elliott
  • Geo Mapes
  • H. Ryle
  • Armetta Meyers
  • Sholey
  • B. Clore
  • H. Craig
  • Elmer Hunter
  • W. Rutherford
  • Brush
  • Herman Hefferkemp
  • L. Longwood
  • French Bonnegar
  • John Murdoch
  • Scott
  • Loizzie Lemmon
  • Garritt Daly
  • Est of Elias McAdams
  • Mary Williamson
  • Miss Jennie Miller

Page 454

  • Nelson
  • W. Fugitt
  • Jane Jones
  • John Ruddle
  • Mat Stopher
  • Miss Addie Griswold
  • Rees Buchanan
  • B. Cooper
  • H. Parker
  • Horsefall
  • J. Jones
  • F. Love
  • John Callahan
  • J. Talbott
  • B. Sink
  • Geo McAroy
  • Scranton
  • Sparks
  • Harvey Palmer
  • Campbell
  • M. Houze
  • W. VanNoodall
  • Hanna
  • J. Stevens
  • Baier
  • Mounts
  • Elias Niemire
  • John Stopher
  • Milton Hannah
  • B. Ake
  • W. Chase
  • John Moore
  • F. Merrick
  • Andrew Heath
  • Alford Crouch
  • M. Reister
  • Palmer
  • Fouty
  • Ben Welch

Page 455

  • Ernest Smith
  • John H. Oneal
  • N. Lyon
  • Elijah Hodge
  • M. Allen
  • Theo Cook
  • John N. Hodge
  • H. Smith
  • Ryan
  • Stegemiller
  • E. Manser
  • L. Davis
  • Wendall Hodap
  • Alex Birdzell
  • Oscar Bradford
  • Bailey
  • W. Batts
  • Isaac Bell
  • C. Burns
  • Theo Bonnell
  • Crouch
  • Catherain Craig
  • S. Clore
  • Timothy Conner
  • J. Dennis
  • Clarence Dougle
  • Allen Drake’s Estate
  • C. Elliott
  • Facemire
  • Hiram Fisk
  • B. Hall
  • Ben Hunter
  • James Harris
  • S. Hall
  • Lafayett House
  • Fred Hess
  • T. Heath
  • Ed Hall
  • Hainer
  • Henry Johnson

Page 456

  • Isaac Littlefield
  • Wilson Lostutter
  • Henry Summers
  • John Love
  • Philander McCardle
  • M. Merrill
  • Oliver Newman
  • Geo Norris
  • H. Olmstead
  • Miss M. C. Powell
  • Palmer
  • John Price
  • Powell (Town)
  • Moses Ryle
  • Dock Ricketts
  • Russell
  • John Riggs
  • J. Ryle
  • M. Ryle
  • R. Richard
  • M. Stewart
  • Jacob Schuler
  • W. Scranton
  • Frank Smith Jr. (German)
  • H. Schroeder
  • Julius Schrumpf
  • Geo Thompson
  • Tholkey
  • John Thatcher
  • S. Thompson
  • H. Whitlock
  • Henry Welch
  • H. Stevens

Page 467

Bills Receivable (Notes)

  • C. Calvert
  • Nathan McCardle
  • Boyner
  • L. Baily

Page 468

  • John Conner
  • J. heath
  • R. Carpenter
  • J. Cole
  • P. Hall
  • W. Fletcher
  • James Daley
  • Samuel Kennett
  • P. Kittle
  • Ira T. Marble
  • Jonas Miles
  • Ira T. Marble
  • James H. Miles
  • James M. Mitchell
  • Stewart
  • C. Thayer
  • R. Talbott
  • Vanosdoll
  • Boss W Vanosdoll
  • James M. North
  • Henry Welch
  • James B. Gibson

Page 469

  • Grace
  • Brower J. Fisk
  • Silas Evans
  • P. Monroe
  • Oak
  • Henry Palmer
  • R. Sample
  • Henry Clement
  • T. Walton
  • David A. Walton
  • Nick & J. W. Durbin
  • Dennis
  • Dunning
  • H. Parker
  • Burkshire
  • Anderson
  • Isaac J. Dodson
  • G. Caldwell
  • J. Dunning
  • Dewit C. Bonnell
  • Marion Ricketts
  • Shed Ricketts
  • C. Walton
  • & A. Dunning
  • James Dunning
  • Michael & Ed Dunning

Page 470

  • Thomas Miller
  • Sandford Tuttle
  • Scoggin & Wilber
  • Washington Bradley
  • Cornelius Winters
  • Zepheniah Sporr
  • Thomas Smith
  • Jas Shipman
  • Henderson Peters
  • Hartman Wetzell
  • Mounty
  • Cornelius Miller
  • Roderick Moore
  • John S. Miller
  • Jacob Koons
  • M. Long
  • Albert Thompson
  • Richards
  • Stephen McCardle
  • F. Sanders
  • Nelson Honnel
  • Lafayette House
  • E. Holmes
  • House
  • P. Heaton
  • Giffin
  • H. Craft
  • Bailey

Page 471

  • B. Johnson
  • S. French
  • John Grace
  • Stewart S. Lotton
  • Henry Clement
  • W. Parks
  • Steele
  • H. Peters
  • Taylor Peters
  • Frank Peters


Page 479

  • Henry North
  • Vornheder
  • T. Oak
  • W. Collins
  • Detmer
  • John Detmer
  • John Neahauser
  • John D. Hunter
  • R. Enoch
  • L. Powell

Page 480

  • Collins
  • Boyd
  • Alex Hunter
  • Phillipp Wester
  • Detmer Sr.
  • Henry Records
  • Henry Obertate
  • R. Harris
  • Ernest Theis
  • H. Neaman
  • W. Douglas
  • Jno W. Kelley Jr.
  • Henry Kurr
  • A. Marble
  • Thompson Jr.
  • H. Elliott
  • Vinup
  • Suiter McAdams
  • Chas Douglas
  • Oliver Gridley
  • Bunger Jr.
  • T. Whitlock
  • B. B. Craft
  • Hemphill
  • Ezra Palmer
  • A. Minor
  • Ryann
  • Catherine Craig
  • Elbright
  • Espey & Son
  • August Grieve
  • Henry Stegemiller
  • Hiram Carpenter
  • John C. Peaslee
  • Stephenson

Page 481

  • H. Cochran
  • J. Stewart
  • Pearce
  • Josepher Parker
  • Jason Gurley
  • John Zimmerman
  • Harry Neiman
  • Jacob Weaver
  • Sumner Gaskill
  • J. Cooper
  • John Vauter
  • Silas Vauter
  • Isaac R. Douglas
  • Neimire
  • Henry Detmer
  • John Elbright
  • Harvey Palmer
  • Edwin Hickman
  • Bunger
  • Jasper W. Sadler
  • McHenry
  • Jacob Cooper
  • B. Hall
  • Jo Dalrymple
  • S. Thompson
  • P. Truitt
  • Philander McCardle
  • Tholkey
  • U. Talbott
  • F. & J. Schroeder

1846 Accounts of Dr. Robert Gillespie of Rising Sun, Indiana

Robert Gillespie was a doctor in Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana. When he died in 1846, his probate records left a large list of accounts that were due the estate from people who had used his services. Below is a list of the names found in that account. Additional details, such as how much was owned and whether or not it was paid, can be found in the original records.

History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Chicago : F. E. Weakley & Co., 1885, p. 174.

DR. ROBERT GILLESPIE was a native of Leith, Scotland, where he was born in 1793. He graduated at the University of Edinburgh, receiving the degree of Ch. M. (Master of Surgery). In 1819 he immigrated to America and settled in Cass Township, Ohio County, then in Dearborn County, where he practiced medicine with success until his death. Dr. Gillespie’s opportunities for medical instruction were much superior to those enjoyed by most of his associates. He was considered a leading physician and surgeon in Ohio and adjoining counties, and he enjoyed an enviable reputation both professionally and socially. He died in 1846. Dr. William Gillespie, of Rising Sun, is his son.

Ohio County, Indiana, Complete Order Book, Vol. 4, 1865-1871, p. 119-164, Estate of Robert Gillespie, 1846-1866

Page 121-122

Notes on:

  • Charley Bascom
  • John Colvin
  • Robert Rodgers
  • William Miller
  • Charles Gullion
  • Massalmus Miller
  • Isaac Philips
  • John Seth
  • Ezra Lampkin
  • Nathan Rickets
  • Michael Smith
  • John Latta
  • Lyman Smith
  • Basil D. Cooper
  • Elizabeth Close
  • John D. Bush
  • George Thesler
  • Hugh Monroe
  • William Scranton
  • Thomas Mountz
  • James H. Scott
  • Henry Baine
  • James A. Waugh
  • Wm Cookers
  • Daniel Kelso
  • David Williamson
  • Isaac Clark
  • Robert Gibson
  • C. Woods
  • Henry Phillips
  • Thomas Lotton
  • Amos T. Coil
  • Straughn

List of Accounts

Page 125, Column 1

  • Palmer Sr.
  • Thomas Lamkin
  • Daniel Peat
  • Thomas Winn
  • Lewis French
  • William Dorel
  • Everson Livings
  • Petty (Meds)
  • James Larnard
  • David Pate (D)
  • Arden Heath
  • Widow Dibble
  • Widow Chandler
  • James Johnson (Abel)
  • John Johnson (Abram)
  • Richard Smith
  • John McCullum
  • Philip Pate
  • Andrew Kittle
  • Col W. Scudder
  • Valorus Morse
  • Robertson Corson
  • Isaac Reed
  • Johnson Watts
  • Joseph Watson
  • James Works
  • S. Hannah Sr.
  • Harry Barricklow
  • James Buchanan
  • James Connel
  • Fred Shafer
  • Lot Miller
  • Samuel Fuller
  • John McKain
  • William Davis Sr.
  • Vincent Dufore

Page 125, Column 2

  • Bryant, R Sun
  • Henry Moore
  • John Conaway (Ind)
  • Kelly (Millas)
  • Jacob Powell
  • Scott (Hannahs)
  • Samuel Mitchell
  • John Myers (Joe)
  • Parkinson Keffer
  • Allan (Squibb)
  • John Baker
  • Widow Seward
  • George Weaver
  • Asahel Stowe
  • William Lotton
  • Scranton Steven
  • Redmond (Black)
  • Gray (Downey)
  • James Donnolly
  • Widow Close
  • John Smith (Stephen)
  • John Richmond
  • Dugan (Miller)
  • John Turner
  • Jeremiah Pate
  • Metts
  • Andrew Lewis
  • John Smith
  • John Lewis
  • Williams (C. Sq.)
  • Hammond, B. Smith
  • Stephen Scranton
  • William Brown
  • at D. Bakers house
  • Flemings Brotherinlaw
  • Joshua Weaver

Page 126, Column 1

  • Grace, R Sun
  • Taylor Pate
  • Samuel Craig
  • Alexander Sebastion
  • Thesler Sr., per daughter
  • Philip Benman
  • Wyoming, Dillsborough
  • Merks, Arnolds Creek
  • Orin Crandall
  • William Harper
  • Lance Wells
  • Conrad Bloom
  • Lemuel Turner
  • Nehemiah Hufford
  • Calvert
  • Wilson Sr.
  • George Norris
  • Rittenhouse
  • Elias Cooper
  • John Wilson, North, doubtful
  • Turner (Slvans)
  • Cusake
  • Jacob Sedam
  • Henry Serber
  • Hasting Oaks
  • at Kemp
  • Henry S. Pate
  • John Brown
  • John Brooks
  • Levi North
  • Stockdale Sr.
  • George Johnson
  • William Dorrel
  • Ezra Kemp
  • Riley Scaggs
  • Peter Spencer
  • Curry, R Sun

Page 126, Column 2

  • McGrew
  • Ezra Lampkin
  • Thomas Hunter
  • John Hunter
  • Miss Wilson (Welches)
  • Samuel Tinker
  • William Kittle Jr.
  • Stockdale (Sprys)
  • Nathan Rickets (W)
  • Abijah Mendal
  • Thomas Lotton
  • Koon
  • Samuel Dougherty
  • Miss Brown
  • James Butler
  • Jacob Zinn
  • Stopes
  • Sally Hodges
  • Polly Hodges
  • James Rickets
  • Joseph Johnson
  • Charles Stevens
  • Matthias Stopher
  • Benj Wilson Jr.
  • Orin Richardson
  • Ezra Lamkin
  • Henry Bayne
  • John Milligan
  • Dougherty Jr.
  • James Kelley
  • Amasa Augustine
  • Kempton Sr.
  • Widow Heath
  • Ira McIntire
  • George Dewers
  • Ezra Mulford
  • Robert Smith

Page 127, Column 1

  • Preston Conaway
  • Ellis
  • Thomas Works
  • Robert Craig
  • William H. Jones (R S)
  • Lynch Pate Sr.
  • Almond Heath
  • Widow McCormic
  • William Keith
  • Widow Hannah
  • Hugh Norris
  • Shepherd Barricklow
  • Armstrong Patton
  • Widow Hyser
  • Welch Tailor
  • Andrew Hodges
  • John Conaway (Lemon support)
  • Abram Tinker
  • Barton
  • Andrew Douglass
  • Cunningham
  • Irishman by Dillsboro
  • Hugh Monroe
  • John Gibbons
  • Aaron Conner
  • Warren (Bear Creek)
  • John Moore Jr.
  • Augustus Powell
  • McLean (Dillsboro)
  • William Weathers
  • Thomas Bradley
  • George Brown
  • Abram Weaver
  • Elliott, Bear Creek
  • John Moore Sr.
  • Oliver Norton
  • Joseph Doherty

Page 127, Column 2

  • George Stupes Jr.
  • Michael Sedam
  • William Moulton
  • Zacheus Wells
  • Arch Scott
  • Elijah Stone
  • Robert Bovard
  • Nixon
  • Robert Gibson
  • Luther
  • Thacher (Barkworks)
  • Jacob Myers
  • Thomas Hannah
  • Matthias Stopher Sr.
  • John Kemp
  • Pugsley Sr.
  • Samuel Baker
  • Morrison Works
  • Wilber (R S)
  • Ezra Jessup
  • Noble Rails (Log Sick)
  • McFadden
  • William Cullen (R. Sun)
  • Cooper (Peabody’s)
  • Boy—swelled Lip by venals
  • Reid Crandall
  • Morris Stocdale
  • Douglass Patriot
  • German (Bear Creek)
  • James Turner
  • Munshell (R S)
  • John Bush (Hartford)
  • Philander Bailey
  • William Shafer
  • Havey Scranton
  • Daniel Jane
  • William Oxley


Page 128, Column 1

  • Doty (Mud Lick)
  • John Richards
  • Ezra Bear
  • Robert Walker
  • Shepherd
  • Jonathan Cole
  • Aaron Purcell
  • Esq Lewis Sr.
  • Miller Sr.
  • Ben Dwoff
  • Leonard Bailey
  • Baker (joiner) Barkworks
  • John Monroe
  • Joseph McHenry Jr.
  • Marsh (McDains)
  • French Jr. (Bear)
  • Fitch
  • Heber Gilbert
  • Charles Sedam (Dorrell)
  • Enoch Bastic
  • William Stewart
  • Thomas Cole
  • Benjamin Connell
  • John Stoops
  • Land
  • Sedam (Oaks)
  • Burns (R. S.)
  • George Casper
  • Henry Pate Sr.
  • Wesley Johnson
  • Jacob Neal, Hartford
  • John Andrews
  • Miss Sink
  • Henry D. Pate
  • Daniel Wright
  • Alvin Works
  • Woolcut (McGuires)

Page 129, Column 2

  • Amas Thacher
  • Linch Pate Jr.
  • Robert Rickets Sr.
  • Isaac Clark
  • Joseph Woods Jr.
  • Brown Sr.
  • Jackson Goodner
  • Joel Myers
  • Nancy Johnson (at Walls)
  • Moses Latta
  • Amos Turner
  • Peter Kelley
  • McIntosh
  • Courtney (Millers)
  • Miss Hannah
  • Griffin
  • John Taylor
  • James Shepherd
  • at Squibbs
  • Samuel Morrison at Hardensburg
  • Abr. McDowell
  • John Vanosdol
  • John Wilson Sr.
  • Abrams Jr.
  • Samuel Mitchell
  • John Tait, Ris. Sun
  • John Kay
  • Stephen East
  • Eleazer Cole
  • Dennis
  • Nighbert
  • Julius James
  • Wiley (York)
  • Miss Isham Jr.
  • Isham Sr.
  • Sink (R S)
  • Elrod

Page 129, Column 1

  • Stout (Bear Creek)
  • Esq Lemmon
  • Atwell David
  • John Gullion (Henrys)
  • John Jenkins
  • Buck Jr.
  • Coursclean
  • Hatch (Bear Creek)
  • Schoolmaster by G. North’s
  • Daniel Woolcut
  • James Woods (John)
  • Prior Oxley
  • Lame Philips for Narp
  • Lawrence (Center Sq)
  • Martin Humes
  • Simpson Pate
  • Widow Woods
  • Simmons (Jacksonville)
  • Syburn, Cross Plains
  • Nathan Rickets Jr. for daughter
  • daughter Sick X Plains
  • John Spears
  • George Stoops
  • William Patterson
  • Widow Campbelle (Bears)
  • Bradley Jr. Laughery
  • Horace Littlefield
  • James March
  • Charles Heath
  • Laureisten Keeney Farm
  • at Farmers Shoemaker by Philips
  • Joseph Richardson
  • Widow Hadlock
  • Miss Pelser (Powells)
  • Long (Costs)
  • Schoolmaster McCrarys
  • Widow Myers (John)


Page 129, Column 2

  • Baker Jr. (Cooper, Bk W’s)
  • Tower Lemon
  • Aldridge
  • Jeremiah Augustine
  • Lauderbaugh
  • Heath’s son in law
  • Waugh Jr. Took
  • Edwards Jr. Allensville
  • Ray Jr. Benjn. Miller’s
  • Jacob Stowes
  • Isaac Weaver
  • Comesins Sedam
  • Spangler
  • James Rand
  • William Thesler
  • Paugh Cross Plains
  • Peat by R Sun
  • Charles & John Sedam
  • German (Tailor by H Coles)
  • Jacob Wells
  • Weller
  • William Speers
  • Sutor McAdams
  • Widow Cadwell
  • Steel James Mill
  • William Hannah, Thomas Hunna, doubtful
  • Thomas Dowlars
  • Warner (Coles)
  • William Buchanan
  • Cole By James Rand
  • Richard Clark
  • James Harpham
  • Barcus
  • Auth McKain
  • William Lemmon Jr.
  • Burgess
  • James French


Page 130, Column 1

  • William Vanhorn
  • Griffin
  • Gilbert, Allensville
  • William Keggies
  • Keggies son
  • Hadlock (Bad note 2)
  • Bradley (Turners)
  • Brown
  • Palmer Sr., decd.
  • Frank Norton
  • Ward (Dowlers)
  • William Whaling
  • Widow Best, R Sun
  • Augustine Jr.
  • William Millers son
  • William Rickets (one eye)
  • Lynn Hume
  • Peter Robertson
  • Smiley (tailor)
  • Burres, Dillsboro
  • Phineas Kittle
  • Estate of Mr. Leeds, Laughery
  • Robert Lyons
  • Lemuel Mantanna
  • Montanna’s son
  • Andrew Porter, Log Lick
  • McGeshon (Dillsboro)
  • Robert Nesbit
  • Campbell by Patriot
  • John Wilson at Thomas Mounts
  • Edwards, Allensville
  • Samuel Hart, Laughery
  • Albert Corson
  • Daniel Dillman
  • Samuel Bayne

Page 130, Column 2

  • Aquilla Corson
  • Thomas Campbell
  • Baker (Howard)
  • Henry Thesler
  • Dilks (Tallons)
  • Widow or Walter Craig
  • Fairchild, Dillsboro
  • Chester Thayer
  • David Johnson
  • Robert Gullion
  • Gilbert (McCrary)
  • William Bowman
  • Cooper Christopher
  • William Turner
  • William Rail by Zac. Scotts
  • behind Wm. Rails
  • James Turner
  • David Kelso for sister
  • Nathan Rickets Jr.
  • Bird Pate
  • Richard Moreland
  • Aaron Cochran
  • Willey, Mud lick
  • Mead, Laughery
  • Todd Ellis Marion
  • Starkeys Est.
  • Dickson (Black)
  • Kirkpatrick
  • Earls (Allensville)
  • Dudley Linville
  • John McCloskey
  • Elijah Rails
  • David Jessups Est.
  • Scott Sr. (Waugh)
  • Bell, Hanover
  • Henry Mix, Grants Creek
  • William Conaway

Page 131, Column 1

  • Russell Shepherd
  • Abbott by Jno. Cunningham
  • Solomon Washer
  • Allison, Ky.
  • Widow Daniel Pate
  • Thesler Jr. for Sutler
  • Jonathan Thesler
  • Samuel Lemon
  • David Williamson
  • Boston Speers
  • Johna Rickets (Bill)
  • Benjamin Moulton
  • Samuel McIntyre
  • Robert Straughn
  • Samuel Willis, Blacksmith
  • Corkins (McCrary)
  • John Hume
  • Eli Corson
  • Gates Chandler
  • John Serber
  • James Myers
  • Bennett Philips
  • William Powell Sr.
  • Samuel Henry
  • Widow John Conaway
  • Moore (Bovard)
  • Andrew Fisher
  • Josiah Woodruff
  • John Titus
  • Peter Harper
  • Bayne Sr.
  • Stevenson (Jacksonville)
  • John Traver
  • Graham Sr.
  • James McGuire
  • James Hemphill
  • Rittenhouse


Page 131, Column 2

  • Nash
  • Joshua Sutton
  • Hugh Marsh
  • Widow Boyle
  • John Bennet
  • Gleeson
  • James Wethers
  • Russell Harris
  • Nimrod Jenkins
  • Samuel Tuck, Pat
  • Thomas Wiley yerd
  • Smith
  • Hamilton Pate
  • Shelton
  • Abrams
  • David Philips
  • Switzerland County
  • Edward Armstrong
  • William Bowman
  • Samuel Lotton
  • Augustine Sr.
  • James Johnson (Abram)
  • George Culp
  • Calvin Latta
  • William Sheets
  • Cheek (Nevils)
  • Eliza Weaver
  • Johnson
  • Samuel Bear
  • Stoops Jr.
  • Stoops (Bro.)
  • Margaret Bills
  • Widow Hawkins
  • Samuel Pavey
  • Sophia Norris
  • George Kemp
  • Solomon Stowe

Page 132, Column 1

  • Henry Shafer
  • N. Lambert
  • Jacob Baker
  • Dwolf (Johnsons)
  • John Pavey
  • Abram Johnson Sr.
  • Samuel Jelley
  • Campbell (Stows)
  • Wright (Arnolds creek)
  • Daniel Cole Sr.
  • Levi Howard
  • James Mead Jr. (Jacks)
  • James Tait
  • Murphy
  • Hagerman
  • Harvey Scranton
  • Bazill (McGuire)
  • Rickits
  • Serber Sr.
  • James Hastings
  • Washington Rae
  • Stephen Jones
  • Howard, Patriot
  • Stephen Umphrey
  • Isaac Black Jr.
  • David Allen
  • William Murray
  • James Mead Sr.
  • James Dyer Jr.
  • William Lemon Jr.
  • Goddard, Burk
  • Calvin Pearson
  • Joshua McIntyre
  • Robert Wilber
  • Thacher, Guionville
  • James Bayne
  • David Dyer Jr.

Page 132, Column 2

  • Durbin, tailor
  • Doane
  • Stump
  • Dean
  • James Latta
  • Widow McIntyre
  • Schofield
  • Victor Eugh
  • John Littlefield
  • Brown (Turner)
  • Joshua Baker
  • Kempton, R S
  • Charles Marsh
  • Newcomb
  • John Kemp
  • William Grew
  • Miss Jenkins
  • Jonathan Livings
  • at G. Weavers
  • Tim Janes
  • Bruner
  • Samuel Hyde
  • Miss Hannah
  • Miss Mosby (Pat)
  • Leonard Bailey
  • David Culp
  • Quilan
  • Moses Searcy
  • Tower Lemon
  • William McDowal
  • William Monroe
  • Sobrina Heath
  • Dennis
  • Shepherd (Barricklows)
  • Valentine Woods
  • Widow Conaway
  • Hazen Wells

Page 133, Column 1

  • Thomas Cooper
  • Hart Sr.
  • Joseph Myers
  • Shepherd (Petersburg)
  • Widow Lotton
  • Henry Sedam
  • Ira McIntyre
  • Carly Bascom
  • James Clement
  • Thomas Lindsay, R S
  • William Jones, R S
  • Robert Campbell
  • David Gibson
  • Israel Hill
  • Akerman, R Sun
  • William Jones, R Sun
  • Robert Campbell
  • David Gibson
  • Israel Hill
  • Akerman, R Sun
  • Smith (Gunsmith)
  • Tudsbury
  • Fenton by York
  • Lee (Barkworks)
  • Thomas Reed
  • Sydam at home
  • Benjamin Stone
  • Daniel Kittle
  • Tim Conner Jr.
  • Judge Tapp’s son in law
  • William Gibson Sr.
  • John Gibson W
  • William Dickinson
  • Cunningham Smith
  • Cook
  • Moses Bocock
  • Boright
  • Scofield, Hartford
  • Steven Scranton Sen.
  • Widow Boyle
  • Enoch Shepherd
  • Henry Kelley Sen.

Page 133, Column 2

  • Dilks (Frenches)
  • David Miller
  • Daniel Conaway
  • William Cooper
  • Pierson
  • James Ross
  • William Courtney
  • Robert Miller
  • William Oaks
  • Cloud
  • Conley trisnocte
  • Isaac Jessup
  • Joseph Fulton
  • Morrow Irish
  • Nathan Vanosdol
  • Redman Toliver
  • Daniel Conner
  • Brookens
  • Jerry Downey
  • by Brugens
  • Neal Pates
  • Cooper Pugsley
  • Bibby
  • Resor McGuire
  • Lewis Miller
  • Hezekiah Seymour
  • William Johnson, Law.burg
  • Cooper (Browns)
  • James Read
  • Widow Kelley
  • Doane Indian creek
  • Bennett Seymour
  • Randle Pate
  • Jeremiah Pate (Georges)
  • Daniel Conaway Widow
  • Allen
  • Weaver, Jacksonville

Page 134, Column 1

  • Sam Gibbons
  • Dickson
  • Chamberlain, Boyles
  • Cunningham (Scranton)
  • John Crandall
  • Port Oaks
  • Scott Billings
  • Headley
  • Lewis Bocock
  • Daniel Baker
  • Abram Hart
  • Mic Smith
  • Joseph Davis
  • Judson Leonard
  • Burkdoll
  • Stockdale
  • Mead, Cabinet Maker
  • Andrew Lotton
  • Doane Sen.
  • William Hemphill
  • Levi Scranton
  • Mahlon Brown
  • Lee Rodgers
  • Kruits
  • Smith Paveys
  • Mallet
  • Henry Sedam (widows)
  • Dennis (Smiths)
  • Andrew Pate
  • Baker (Marches)
  • Lynch Pate (Henry)
  • Ramsey
  • Jessee Dailey
  • Lemmon (Petersburg)
  • Hawkins (Preacher)
  • Havey Littlefield
  • Hetty Dorrell

Page 134, Column 2

  • William Thomas Jr. Jack
  • Widow Kittle
  • Peter Myers
  • Alex James
  • Sam Giffin
  • Isaac Randall



Other Deaths Reported in Dearborn County, Indiana

The following deaths were reported in Dearborn County, Indiana death records but occurred elsewhere. They were viewed on FHL 209874. See Dearborn County Deaths on the Indiana’s Gore website for a full index and to obtain copies.

Deaths 1882-1886

Page Name Date of Death Place of Death
5 Nathan McCardle 10 Apr 1882 Ohio County
6 Charles L McCardle 3 Apr 1882 Randolph Twp, [Ohio County]
14 Wm P Pearson 18 Jun 1882 Harrison, Ohio
22 Chas Brasher 13 Apr 1883 Cincinnati, Ohio
34 Ann Durham 5 Jan 1884 South Milan, [Ripley County]
66 Gay McDonald Kentucky
68 Ney Waisier 5 Aug 1886 Switzerland County


Deaths 1887-1894


Page Name Date of Death Place of Death
2 Lucinda Henderson 17 Mar 1887 Harrison, Ohio
5 Infant Laker 8 Nov 1887 Ohio County
13 Julia M O’Connell 28 Mar 1889 Cincinnati, Ohio
16 George Veil 26 Oct 1889 Harrison, Ohio
16 Joseph Debuyne 24 Oct 1889 Newport, Kentucky
21 Henry Miller 22 Jun 1889 Ohio County
25 Katie Riddle 25 Jun 1891 River Side, Ohio


Deaths 1894-1896


Page Name Date of Death Place of Death
6 Louis O Conner 31 Mar 1895 Cincinnati, Ohio
8 Sarah A Gray 19 Mar 1895 Ripley County
15 Grubbs 25 Aug 1896 Ohio


Deaths 1897-1898


Page Name Date of Death Place of Death
14 Philip Hinner 30 Jul 1898 Cincinnati, Ohio
16 Henry Westerman Oct 1898 Cincinnati, Ohio


Other Deaths Reported in Ohio County, Indiana

The following deaths were reported in Ohio County, Indiana but occurred elsewhere. The deaths are from Ohio County Deaths 1882-1910 viewed on FHL 1311820. See Ohio County Death Records on the Indiana’s Gore website for a full death index and to request copies.

Page Name Date of Death Place of Death
18 Neal Powell 8 Mar 1886 Switzerland County
18 Anna Halleran 29 Nov 1886 North Bend, Ohio
30 Hattie Hall 25 Dec 1888 Harrisville, Michigan
38 Charles Mossman 11 May 1891 Cincinnati, Ohio
70 Susana Highbee 7 Nov 1900 Ohio
79 Laura S Sheppard 22 Oct 1902 Ohio
94 John K Lynn 21 Feb 1906 Ohio
101 John K Gillispie 19 Apr 1907 Ohio
105 Drosly A Norris 3 Apr 1908 Ohio


Other Births Reported in Dearborn County, Indiana

The following is a list of births reported in Dearborn County, Indiana records from 1882 to 1907 that occurred outside of Dearborn County. These records do not contain the name of the child. See Dearborn County Birth Records on the Indiana’s Gore website for additional births and to request copies.

Births 1882-1886

Page Date of Birth Place of Birth Mother Father
30 26 Jan 1883 Ripley County Matilda Stiver Louis Kuhns
33 2 Mar 1883 Ripley County Sarah M Pate John Carson
52 2 Sep 1883 Ripley County Lucinda Hodge Saml Rogers
62 5 Nov 1883 Ripley County Mary Johnson J H Rogers
68 18 Jan 1884 Ripley County Estella Whitehead W W Stevenson
82 5 Aug 1884 Adams Township, [Ripley County] Mary Harbor Louis Minnemann
94 28 Oct 1884 Ripley County Fannie B Clark Richard Boldy


Births 1887-1889

Page Date of Birth Place of Birth Mother Father
1 26 Feb 1887 Ohio County Baker Allvin Walden
4 17 Mar 1887 Ohio Fred Rennert
13 6 Nov 1887 Ripley County Mary Haus J C Naves


Births 1890-1893

Page Date of Birth Place of Birth Mother Father
9 7 Jul 1890 Ripley County Priscilla Stockwell Joseph Parsons
16 6 Feb 1891 Ohio County Holmes James Edward Tinker


Births 1893-1897

Page Date of Birth Place of Birth Mother Father
5 9 Nov 1893 Cleves, Ohio Amelia Mergner William Klingenhoffer
17 2 Jan 1895 Ohio County Mary Otto George B Pate
26 2 Sep 1895 Ohio County Anna Ahler Hamilton Conaway
30 19 Dec 1895 Decatur County Mary Johnson John Hackman
36 2 Sep 1896 Ripley County Eva Gray Leslie Mulford


Births 1897-1900

Page Date of Birth Place of Birth Mother Father
26 6 Sep 1898 Ripley County Rose Raney Robert Beall


Births 1900-1903

None found.


Births 1903-1907

Page Date of Birth Place of Birth Mother Father
16 9 Jan 1904 Ripley County Anna May Clifford Voorhees


Mexican War Soldier George W. Knapp

The following transcription is from:
“Indiana, Wills and Probate Records, 1798-1999,” digital images, ( : accessed 7 April 2017), Dearborn > Probate Order Book, Vol 5-7, 1845-1851 > image 304; Volume 6, p. 124, George W. Knapp.

In the matter of the application of Lucretia Knapp and children, heirs at law of George W. Knapp a volunteer in the Mexican War for a land warrant}

Now in open court comes Joshua Northern and Capt. George Dunn who being duly sworn made affidavit of the following facts and it is hereby certified that satisfactory proof has been exhibited before the Probate Court of the County of Dearborn in the State of Indiana, by the affidavits of Capt. George Dunn, and Joshua Northern, who are persons entitled to credit, that Lucretia Knapp is the lawful widow of said George W. Knapp and that Martin Knapp, aged about thirteen years, Eli W. Knapp, aged twelve years, Cyrus L. Knapp, aged about 8 months, are the only surviving Children of George W. Knapp, who was a volunteer in Capt. George Dunns Company of the Third Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, in the United States service. It is alos further certified, that satisfactory proof has been made before said Court, that said George W. Knapp died at Montery in Mexico, on or about, the tenth day of April in the year One thousand eight hundred and forty seven, on his way home from Mexico, and that said Lucretia Knapp his lawful widow is sole and unmarried. All of which is ordered to be entered of Record.