Heirs of Reese A. P. Gerard – 1855 – Ohio County, Indiana

The following transcription is from:
“Indiana, Wills and Probate Records, 1798-1999,” Ancestry (http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=9045 : accessed 26 Sep 2017); Ohio > Probate Order Book, Vol 1-3, 1853-1872 > image 113, Volume 1, p. 188, matter of Reese A. P. Gerard, 1855.

April Term 1855 – Apr 18

In the matter of Reese A P Gerard deceased one of the heirs of Joseph Gerard.

It is ordered to be certified of Record that satisfactory evidence has been exhibited and introduced to this court showing that a Bill passed at the last session of Congress granting three section of Land to the heirs of Joseph Gerard “a messenger of the United States to the Indians, who was killed in 1792 and that they or their heirs are hereby permitted to enter each one of them severally, or his or their heirs one Section of the public Lands without the payment of any consideration for said three sections being in full payment for the Patriotic services of said Joseph Gerard” &c and that one of said heirs of said Joseph Gerard towit Reese A P Gerard since said Bill was presented before Congress of the United States of America, is deceased leaving as his only heirs the children of George Buchanan & Maria Buchanan deceased who was formerly Maria Gerard only heir of Reese A P Gerard deceased and Margaret Gerard deceased his wife whose names are as follows Reese A P Buchanan, William S Buchanan, who are of age and Harriet Buchanan, Pleasant Buchanan, James Buchanan, Perry Buchanan, Cornelius Buchanan, George W. Buchanan & Winfield S. Buchanan who are minors all of which appears from the testimony of disinterested & credible witnesses who were duly sworn and gave in their testimony in open court a copy of said Bill was also presented to this court.

In the matter of the Guardianship of the heirs of Reese A P Gerard deceased.

On motion of George Buchanan the court appoint him to be Guardian of the persons and property of Harr[iet] Buchanan, Pleasant Buchanan, James Buchanan, Per[ry] Buchanan, Cornelius Buchanan, George W Buchanan & Winfield S Buchanan minor heirs of Reese A P Gerard deceased; and said George gave Bond as such Guardian in the sum of fifteen hundred Dollars with Stephen Hastings as his security to the acceptance of the court and the said George Buchanan was thereupon duly sworn in open court as such Guardian.