Genealogy Lectures

Are you looking for a genealogy presentation for your genealogy society, library or other group? My current lecture offerings are listed below. Please contact me at tina@genwishlist.com for more information and available dates.

Genealogy Record Topics

History and Records of Indiana’s “Gore”
Originally part of the Northwest Territory, Indiana’s “Gore” was ceded to the Indiana Territory in 1803 shortly before Ohio statehood. Learn about the history and records of this triangle of land in Southeastern Indiana.

Locating your Family in County Commissioners’ Records
County commissioners left records full of details about your ancestors. Whether they were hired by the county, worked on the roads, or were poor, these records can help you solve family mysteries.

Tracking Your Spinning Ancestors without Getting Dizzy
Discover tips and tricks for locating ancestors who liked to move around an area or liked to have the map move under them.

Discovering the Hidden Lives of Our Ancestors
Discover a range of records to give details to your ancestors’ everyday lives and hidden occupations beyond census entries.

Discovering your Ancestors’ Lives in Newspapers
Newspapers hold many details of our ancestors’ lives. Discover tips for finding newspapers and searching them, online and offline.

Finding Your Family in City and Rural Directories
Discover more than your ancestors’ addresses, occupations and more with city and rural directories.

Non-Population Schedules: A Census Bonus
Learn how the non-population census schedules can help you learn more about your ancestors’ farm, business, death and more.

Publishing Topics

No More Eye Rolls – Make Your Family History Exciting
Ready to get your family excited about their family history? Explore engaging ways to share your genealogy with non-genealogists.

Self-Publishing Your Family History
Get your family history on the coffee table or library shelf by publishing it yourself.

Technology Topics

Dont Lose Your Family Backup Your Tree
Explore a range of backup options to preserve your genealogy hard copies and digital files from loss.

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