Making Complete Probate Records

Sometimes when a probate case is finalized and settled, the county clerk will compile all of the probate proceedings and copy them into the Probate Complete Record books. But only sometimes. What estates should appear in the Complete Record books? In 1857, the Ohio County Probate Court put into writing their guidelines.

Transcription from:
“Indiana, Wills and Probate Records, 1798-1999,” Ancestry ( : accessed 28 Sep 2017); Ohio > Probate Order Book, Vol 1-3, 1853-1871 > Image 191-192; Vol 1, p. 343-2.

Ohio County, Indiana Probate Court

October Term 1857

In the matter of making Complete Records in this Court.}

It is ordered by the court that the clerk of this Court shall make Complete Records in cases estates, and Guardianships hereafter finally settled or disposed of in this Court as follows Towit, of the Inventories, Sale Bills and the accounts current on final Settlement of Executors, administrators and Guardians and in proceedings in Partition, and where the court decrees a Conveyance of Real Estate, and also in cases of Dower and in the Sale of Real Estate by Executors, administrators and Guardians, and in all cases where the title to Real Estate comes in question by way of Probate.