Ohio County, Indiana Attorneys – 1849

Ohio County, Indiana Circuit Court Order Book 1, p. 551-2, fall 1849 vacation, attorney list; FHL digital film 8054258. Entries appear to be entered at a later date. “Dead” notes all in same pen and different from other entries and may have been added later.

State of Indiana, Ohio County Sct}
I, James H. Pepper, clerk of the Ohio Circuit Court hereby certify that the persons whose names are hereon written have respectively been regularly licensed and admitted to practice as attorneys and counsellors at Law within this State, and that they have duly taken the oath, to support the constitution of the United States and of this State, and that they will faithfully and honestly discharge the duties of an attorney and counsellor at Law.
Witness James H. Pepper cl’k

[Name] [Date admitted to bar] [status may have been added at a later date]
Danl Kelso Decr 30 1844 dead
James Brown dead
Theodore Gazlay Dec 3d 1844
Alexander C Downey Dec 3d 1844
James S Jelley Dec 3d 1844
Danl Major Dec 3d 1844 dead
P L Spooner Dec 3d 1844
George W Shaw June 2 1845
Abram W Hendricks June 2 1845
George S. Sheets June 2 1845 dead
John A Hendricks June 2 1845 dead
James D. Glass June 2 1845 dead
David Macy June 3 1845
J. R. Troxell June 3 1845
Abram Brower June 3 1845
James W Robinson 1843
G H Dunn Decr 2 1845 dead
Eben Dumont Decr 2 1845 dead
James C. Ricketts Decr 2 1845 alive
Noble Hamilton Decr 2 1845 dea[d]
John Dumont Decr 2 1845 dead
Daniel D. Pratt Decr 2 1845 dead
Isaac Miles June 1st 1846 dead
Isaiah W. Robinson June 1, 1846 dead
John B Vail June 5, 1846
Charles T. Jones June 6, 1846
Saml Dibble Dec 2 1846 dead
Sidney Baldwin March 15th 1847 dead
John W. Spencer Nov. 30th 1846 dead
Joseph G Marshall Mar. 24, 1847 dead
W. M. Dunn Mar. 24, 1847 dead
James A. Works Feb 14 1848
Henry A Downey Feb 15 1849
Robert N. Lamb Feb. 11 1850
Scott Carter Feb. 11 1850
John G. McCollum Feb. 11 1850
John J. Hayden Feb. 11 1850
Samuel F. Covington Feb. 11 1850
Algernon S. Sullivan Aug. 20″ 1850
Robt. P. Moore [crossed out] Oct 21 1850 dead